Reports to EVRA AGM

Documents for AGM held on 18th October 2017 (click to download in PDF format):

EVRA 2017 AGM Agenda

EVRA 2016 AGM draft minutes

EVRA Accounts for 2017 AGM

EVRA Chairman and Vice-Chairman Reports to 2017 AGM

AGM Documents from Earlier Years



EVRA Chairman’s Report to 2016 AGM

EVRA Statement of Accounts for 2016 AGM

EVRA 2015 AGM Agenda

EVRA 2014 AGM draft minutes

EVRA Accounts for 2015 AGM

EVRA Chairman’s report for 2015

EVRA 2014 Chairman’s Report to AGM

EVRA 2014 Statement of Accounts for AGM

2013 EVRA AGM Minutes

EVRA 2013 AGM draft minutes

EVRA 2013 Chairman’s Report to AGM

2012 EVRA AGM Minutes

EVRA 2013 Statement of Income and Expenditure for AGM

EVRA 2013 Receipts and Payments Account Summary for AGM

MMVG Report to EVRA AGM 2013

2011 EVRA AGM Minutes

EVRA Chairman Report to 2012 AGM

EVRA Balance Sheet for 2012 AGM

EVRA Balance sheet 2012 Receipts and Payments

EVRA Income & Expenditure for Easy Access Project Nov 2011


AGM Meeting Minutes (click to download in Microsoft Word format):

2009 EVRA AGM Minutes

2008 EVRA AGM Minutes