New Greater Norwich Local Plan – November 2016

A new Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) was published on 4 November 2016 and sets out a number of sites identified for possible development. Sites nearest to Eaton Village include the west side of Bluebell Road from just beyond Bartram Mowers through to the UEA which is currently open green space and further areas of the UEA campus site.

At this stage the GNLP identifies potential sites for development and further processes will lead to a final list and, presumably, an opportunity for the public to have their say. The GNLP includes many green open spaces around the City which would be a great loss should development proceed on these.

Take a look at the City Council website and the proposals. There are several long documents so a lot to take in but the impact on the City and the greater Norwich area could be quite significant should this proceed in full. However, it is likely that some sites will be deemed unsuitable or that a need for community open spaces overrides the race for housing development.

Here is a link to the City Council website for the Greater Norwich Local Plan:

Here is a link to the combined plans for the submitted sites. Pages 10 to 12 set out the proposals for Eaton Ward: