New Transport Project for Eaton and Cringleford

Update on Eaton Street Road Works – February 2018

We have received an Information Notice from Transport for Norwich on the proposed works in Eaton Street. These works have been postponed twice by TfN and the latest plan gives a start date of 2nd July 2018 with an estimated duration of nine weeks. We have also since received from TfN information that the indicative planning assumption is that closure of the slip road to the Cellar House will be four weeks. The Notice says that any closure will be during the school holidays so should be from around the end of July. Diversions will be via the A11 and the Round House roundabout – a journey of an additional two miles!

The Information Notice is being sent by TfN to some 1200 households and businesses in Eaton impacted by the proposed works.  This should arrive within the next few days but you can also read the notice here:

PE4118 PIN Eaton Project Update VF

We are asking TfN to confirm the impact on our bus services during these works. With the slip road closed the usual bus routes will not be possible and will impact on the 5A, 50 and 50A Konect services and the First 12 services to the hospital and other evening services that stop at the Cellar House. We will provide updates when we get a response from TfN.

Further information can be found on the TfN website at:

Update on Eaton Street Road Works – December 2017

I sought an update on the proposed works from Transport for Norwich and have attached a copy of the reply to the points I raised with them. The reply is in the form of an annotated response to my original email. This is the latest part of an email exchange which goes back to August this year. You can read the email here:

Email exchange between TfN and EVRA re Eaton Works Phase 2 December 2017

It is clear from the response that TfN intend to go ahead with the works as approved by the NHAC regardless of any comments that EVRA or Residents may have. The greatest concern will be the closure of the slip road from Newmarket Road and the impact of this on our Community. The slip road closure could be around 6 weeks which is a long time for Eaton Village to be effectively cut-off. Other associated works will also cause disruption for an extended period as yet unknown.

Although diversions would be in place these would be via Roundhouse roundabout on the A11 or using Bluebell Road to reach Eaton Village Centre. Either way it will cause considerable inconvenience for residents, particularly those on Newmarket, Unthank and other nearby roads where the shortest route to the businesses is via the slip road. The Roundhouse roundabout diversion would add around two miles to the journey and even longer for a South Park Avenue/Bluebell Road diversion. The impact on businesses could also be significant since it could be easier for people to go elsewhere rather than face the diversions and disruptions that will arise.

TfN say they have spoken to the bus companies about providing an alternative service during the works but we have no knowledge of what sort of service that might be! It is not just the 5A service but also the services for the hospital and for other locations such as Hethersett and Wymondham that people may need to reach for work.

You can email any comments on this matter to Chris Stebbing at Transport for Norwich will also be interested in hearing your concerns and comments and these can be sent to their email at:

Chris Stebbing – Chairman EVRA 21 December 2017

Update on Eaton Street Road Works – October 2017

The works due to start on 23rd October have been postponed yet again until some time in the New Year. The proposed timetable included closure of the slip road from Newmarket Road for a period of 5 weeks and following representations from our Councillors this has been deemed unacceptable. Transport for Norwich (TfN) has agreed to look again at the plan because of its impact on bus and other services to Eaton Village.
This is the second postponement of the Eaton Street scheme. The previous postponement was because estimated costs overran the agreed budget. It is all a bit of a mess and does not instil any confidence in TfN being able to deliver a satisfactory scheme for Eaton Village.
We will provide an update on the works at the EVRA AGM on 18th October at Eaton Golf Club stating at 7:30pm.
Chris Stebbing

Update on Eaton Road Works – July 2017

The updated proposals for Eaton phase 2 have been approved by the Council’s NHAC process today. As a result Transport for Norwich (TfN) will be issuing the project update to all those who were originally consulted as part of the original proposals, with the letters hopefully being sent out tomorrow.

Not sure what the scope of this mailing will be since previously it was limited to properties within the immediate vicinity of the works. EVRA circulated the previous document with the Spring Newsletter. Our Autumn Newsletter is not due to be issued until early September.

The work will start in October and will include closure of the slip road passing in front of the Cellar House for some of this time. Access will be maintained to businesses and other properties. Detailed Traffic Management plans will be drawn up in due course.

The scope of the work is considerably reduced from that originally proposed and will provide benefits for all road users. See letter below for full details of the scheme but changes include:

The widening of the cycle path up Eaton Street to Newmarket Road to facilitate two way usage.

Changes to the phasing of traffic lights to provide a dedicated right turn into Church Lane.

The changes proposed to the re-siting of the Village Sign will not now go ahead. When I met with the TfN a few weeks ago I strongly objected to the use of speed humps outside Barclays Bank on Church Lane. TfN said that these are a requirement of implementing a 20mph Zone and agreed to look at this further including the use of speed limits painted on the road. The plan does not reflect that suggestion.

Let TfN know your views on the scheme as follows:

If you wish to make any comments on the revised proposals, you can do so by emailing, telephoning 0344 800 8020 or writing to:  Eaton and Cringleford Phase 2, Transport for Norwich – Floor 2, Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH. The deadline for comments is 10am on Friday 18 August.

A copy of the letter and attached plan has been sent to EVRA and can be read here:

FINAL PE4118 Public Project Update Letter VF

PE4118 – Eaton Phase 2 – Project Update Plan_

There will be a report in EDP tomorrow with comments from one of our Councillors:

You can read the papers issued to the NHAC on the City Council website at:

Chris Stebbing – 20 July 2017

Update on Bluebell Road Works – July 2017

Transport for Norwich has sent the Project Information Notice below for the cycle path improvement works along Bluebell Road due to start on 24th July 2017 and planned to finish on 13th October.

PE4110 Bluebell Road TfN PIN V1

The works to be undertaken are:

• Widening of the shared pedestrian/cycle path which runs along the west side (UEA side) of Bluebell Road between South Park Avenue and the slip road between Bluebell Road and Newmarket Road.

• Widening of the shared pedestrian/cycle path which runs along the slip road between Bluebell Road and Newmarket Road.

• Construction of a new tiger crossing (for both pedestrians and cyclists) to the north of the slip road between Bluebell Road and Newmarket Road.

Local cyclists will know that the current cycle path is narrow and the surface is very poor giving an uncomfortable ride from Eaton Village through to Southpark Avenue. The path is also quite narrow in places giving little room for cyclists to pass pedestrians and other cyclists. The section beyond this was resurfaced some years back and has a smooth surface.

Be aware that cyclists will have to use Bluebell Road carriageway during these works since the cycle path will be closed. There will be temporary traffic lights in place along Bluebell Road at various times during the works.

The website will provide further detail on the works and traffic management arrangements put in place along the route.

Update on Eaton Street and Cringleford Road works – May 2017

Transport for Norwich has sent an updated Project Information Notice on the works proposed for Eaton and Cringleford. The works planned for Cringleford to install traffic lights on the bridge and new pedestrian crossings on Newmarket Road will go ahead starting in w/c 22 May through to late August. The Eaton Street cycle path works have been postponed while the project looks again at the scope of the scheme.

The website provides further detail on the works at each location along Eaton Street and through to Cringelford. To access the detail you need to enter your postcode to bring up the map for your area, select dates – works start on 22 May so use this as the start date and an end date of your choice. This will bring up a map of the area with roadwork signs. Click on the signs to display the detail of the works in that particular location.

It looks like there will be many weeks of disruption on various dates along Eaton Street approaching the bridge and Newmarket Road in Cringleford. The junction with Colney Lane will have restricted access between 24 July and 19 August so, but it is not clear from the Information Notice whether returning from the Doctors/vets on Cantley Lane  in Cringleford will be via Roundhouse roundabout and then back via the Eaton/Cringleford slip road into Colney Lane or via the Daniels Road roundabout! Buses will also be affected during these works.

The map attached to the PIN sets out the proposed closures and dates. You can read the PIN here:

Eaton and Cringleford – Public Information Notice May 2017

There is also a report in the EDP today on these works:

Our Local Councillors and EVRA have urged Transport for Norwich to meet with us to discuss the Eaton scheme and they have now offered to do this but not until after the General Election on 8th June. We will keep you updated via our website and Facebook page.

Posted by Chris Stebbing  – 11 May 2017

Email Exchange with Transport for Norwich re Newmarket Road Cycle Path

Since February I have had an exchange of emails with the Project Engineer responsible for the Newmarket Road cycle path works about signage. This initially arose because of a near-miss involving a family member and the need for clarification about priorities on the new path.

EVRA has received several emails from residents about the new priorities and how these affect access to and from side roads.  The emails might not give you any comfort but they set out the situation from the Transport for Norwich perspective.

Transport for Norwich do not intend to conduct a further Safety Review on the works until next year.

You can read the text of the emails here: Email exchange with NCC re Newmarket rd cycle path and signage 2017

If you any have queries on the scheme you can get in touch with Transport  for Norwich through their email at: or calling 0344 800 8020.

Both EVRA and Local Councillors will continue to be interested in your experiences with these works so that we can feed these back to the Council’s Project Team. EVRA would appreciate you copying any emails to so that we can build an overall picture of the concerns and experiences of residents with these works.

Chris Stebbing -EVRA Chairman 30 April 2017

Latest News on Eaton Street Roadworks  – Wednesday 22nd March 2017

The works to construct a shared cycle path along Eaton Street were due to start on 3rd April but have been postponed while the Council’s Project Team and their Contractors sort out details about final costs.  It is not clear when the work will start nor the scope of the final works. EVRA has offered to help the team with their thinking about what elements should proceed but we have no further information at this stage. EVRA had agreed with the Project Team to distribute the Public Information Notice to all EVRA residents setting out details of the works and arrangements for traffic management. The following Information Notice has been provided instead and will be delivered to all households along with our Spring Newsletter.

Information Notice on Eaton roadworks March 2017

Posted by Chris Stebbing – 22/03/2017

Eaton Village Sign – Area to be landscaped during cyclepath works

The Council has provided plans for landscaping the area around the Eaton Village sign during the coming roadworks on Eaton Street. Our Village sign will be removed during the roadworks and then reinstated in a slightly different position. We have been assured that the sign will be securely looked after during these works and put back as soon as possible afterwards.

The Council has provided the following information about the proposed changes for the area around the Village sign:

It is proposed that the area currently occupied by grass is formalised as a planting bed. They are still working on the details but consider the low level wall should be constructed in brick with cobble facing to suit the traditional details and materials in the area. They will be working with existing ground levels when surfacing the paving area, due to these levels the design will require some steps in the wall, resulting in three split levels and separate areas.

The attached plan includes a bench set back into the raised area, facing towards No 18 Eaton Street. The relocated sign is within the middle of the three areas, located approx. 3.5m north east of its current location. The planting within the bed would need to be low maintenance, low level planting, and not obscure the sign in any way. Due to the location it is not proposed to plant any trees in this area.  

Here is the proposed plan of the area: Drawing extract eaton centre 27.02.17

The Council has asked if EVRA would be prepared to look after the landscaped area. This would mean maintaining the planted areas and keeping these tidy. EVRA already has an agreement with the City Council to look after aspects of Donkey Lane and our Friends of Donkey Lane Group have said they would be prepared to also look after the area around the Village Sign. If you are interested in helping with this then please contact Rosemary Benson on Norwich 452185 or by email to:

We have suggested to the Council that the bench be sited on the landscaped area facing the junction rather than the Stephanies building (18 Eaton Street). The Planning Application to create a takeaway is still waiting approval and turning the bench around would provide a more attractive view of the village.

Posted by Chris Stebbing – 13/03/17

Newmarket Road Cycleway Improvements – Response from Project Team on Cyclist and Pedestrian Priorities

I queried with the Council’s Project Team how the new the priorities for cyclists and pedestrians would be signalled on the shared cycle path along Newmarket Road. This follows a recent “near miss” of a family member with a car turning into one of the side roads when walking along the footpath.  Here is the text of their reply on 23rd February.

I am writing to you with reference to your e-mail dated 22 February 2017 to my colleague, Billy Fox, regarding the above scheme which is currently being constructed.

 It is proposed to install ‘Think Road Safety’ signs with the words ‘Caution: Cyclists priority at side road’ on Newmarket Road on the east and west approaches to the side road junctions to provide warning to motorists that cyclists/pedestrians will now have priority.  Additional ‘Think Road Safety’ signs will also be installed along the cycleway to raise awareness of speed with cyclists on the approaches to the side road junctions. 

 As you mentioned; give way lines and triangles have been applied behind the newly constructed cycleway at the junctions with Claremont Road and Camberley Road to indicate that vehicles must now give way to cyclists using the facility.  It is also proposed for additional sub-plates to be installed beneath the existing triangular cycle warning signs on the approaches to Branksome Road, Claremont Road and Camberley Road which state ‘cycles crossing’.   

 It is proposed that the additional traffic signs will be installed within a few weeks.  As works are currently ongoing along this length of Newmarket Road and appropriate road markings have been installed at the junctions of Claremont Road and Camberley Road it was decided that it is appropriate for these junctions to be reopened.

 As part of the design process these proposals have been subjected to a comprehensive road safety audit.  The safety audit team has also recently visited site while construction is taking place and have not identified any issues with the works.  A full post construction safety audit will also be conducted when the works have been completed to ensure that the scheme has been constructed appropriately and is operating in a safe manner. 

Yours sincerely

 Nick Woodruff BSc (Hons) IEng MCIHT
Project Engineer

Posted by Chris Stebbing on 6 March 2017

Update – Cycle Path Works to start on 4th January 2017

The Council has provided a summary of the works due to start on 4th January to upgrade the cycle path on Newmarket Road between Daniels Road and Eaton Street. This is the first phase of works to upgrade the peddleway from Norwich which will eventually go through to Wymondham. In April 2017 work will start on the next section along Eaton Street to Cringleford which is due to end in July.

The summary includes details of road closures and traffic management arrangements to be put in place during the works which are scheduled to finish in early April 2017. The Notice has been sent to households adjacent to the works and is posted here for information for all residents of Eaton Village.

Clearly there will be some disruption to traffic flows and bus services during the works which will affect Eaton Village.  The footpath along the south side of Newmarket Road will be closed in 200m sections as the work proceeds. Temporary crossings will be put in place to enable pedestrians and cyclist using the south side of Newmarket Road to cross to the opposite footpath for the length of each section of works.

More detail on the closures can be found in the following Notice issued by the Council:   pe4120_pin_newmarket_road_final

The Council have set up a website for the overall project of works between Daniels Road and Cringleford with links to official documents:

This is one of many roadworks schemes taking place around the City. A report in today’s EDP highlights what will be occurring:

Update Following NHAC Meeting on 24th November 2016

There was a report in Friday’s EDP on the Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) meeting held on 24th November at City Hall. The proposed scheme for Eaton and Cringleford was approved. Eaton Councillor, Judith Lubbock, supported residents in their opposition to the proposed shared cycle path along Eaton Street running in front of the Red Lion and shops and the Cellar House. Some 60 respondents to the consultation had opposed the shared cycle path in their comments on the scheme. Council officers said there was no room for a segregated cycle path in this area and a shared path was the only solution. Judith suggested that this part of the scheme be dropped but the NHAC decided that the scheme should be fully implemented as proposed. The one element removed from the scheme was the proposal to create four public parking spaces on Church Lane outside Waitrose. Council officers had already proposed removing this after agreeing to retain five public parking spaces outside the old post office.
A further scheme to upgrade the existing cycle path from Daniels Road to Eaton Street was also approved.
The EVRA Chairman and Vice Chairman attended the NHAC meeting.
Here is a link to the EDP report:…/norwich_drivers_facing_prospect_of…

Update from Consultation

The Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) are due to discuss the Transport for Norwich – Eaton and Cringleford area scheme at their meeting on Thursday 24th November at City Hall. The scheme is one of ten schemes to be considered at the meeting. The papers for the meeting seek approval from the NHAC to implement the scheme. Some of the original proposals will not be proceeded with but much of the scheme is recommended for approval. The papers include a summary of responses to the consultation and the project team’s commentary on these. Several EVRA Committee members will attend the meeting to hear the debate.

Here is a link to the Agenda for the meeting which includes a link to the background papers. The Eaton and Cringleford Scheme is item 7 on the Agenda.

Here is a PDF of the background papers which may be quicker to access than that on the Council website. transport-for-norwich-eaton-and-cringleford-area

Update from AGM Discussion on Thursday 20th October 2016

We had a very lively and interesting session on the proposed road layout changes for Eaton and Cringleford. Thank you to everyone who attended and for your active participation.

Some of the main points raised by attendees were as follows:

Local businesses had not received copies of the consultation letter sent out by the project team. Some 2500 letters had been sent to residents in Eaton Village and Cringleford but it appeared that households in Poplar Avenue and the Sunningdale area had not been included.

Local businesses have since met to discuss the changes and are not happy with the proposals which would remove all current public parking spaces on Eaton Street and adversely affect local businesses.

The Council’s project team said they had since submitted alternative proposals for four public parking bays on Church Lane outside Waitrose. These would be communicated via notices attached to nearby street signs. The attendees were concerned about the impact on traffic flows, particularly at peak times.

Following the AGM the transport team has sent an email proposing to retain just the five public parking bays outside the old Eaton post office. Here is the text of that email sent to Councillors:

Following last night’s meeting it is clear that the removal of on street parking was a very emotive subject for those present, which tallies up with the consultation responses received so far. As a result we have had an in depth discussion of the issues with the traffic safety team this morning and have come up with an altered proposal which would allow us to keep the larger 5 space parking bays near the old post office site, while confirming that the spaces outside the hairdressers will need to be removed. The down side to the new layout is we will need to move the bus stop further towards the cross roads to prevent a conflict at the parking bays and we would be extending the existing footway both into the carriageway and into the highway verge, so costs will be increased and the CLoS (cycling level of service) score will increase less, though would still be an overall improvement.

 From the feedback it is clear that there are some very positive views of the scheme as a whole and it would be such a shame if the scheme cannot go ahead based upon objections to on street parking removal.

 The new proposals will be included in the NHAC report. If anyone would like any clarifications or further details at this point then please contact me using the details given below.



 Andrew Wadsworth BSc (Hons) EngTech MCIHT
Engineer (Highway Projects 3)
Community and Environmental Services
Direct dial telephone number: 01603 223986
General enquiries: 0344 800 8020 or

Our Councillors sent an initial response to the project team asking that those bays should allow parking for up to 2 hours.

There was considerable concern about the proposed shared cycle path running in front of the Red Lion and up Eaton Street to Newmarket Road. The path would be widened but would have two way cycle traffic and pedestrians sharing the same area. The front doors of the Red Lion and other businesses open directly on to the proposed cycle/footpath. The impact of this arrangement particularly around the bus stop outside the Cellar House was seen as highly dangerous. Cyclists coming down Eaton Street from Newmarket Road tend to be traveling at speed which presents a risk to pedestrians and cyclist traveling in the opposite direction.

The impact on residents during the construction phase was highlighted and recent temporary lights at the Church Lane/Eaton Street junction had caused significant delays within the village. The poor track record of the Council on similar projects in other areas of the City  was of concern since this junction is the only entrance/exit for the majority of residents and buses and delivery vehicles.

The installation of speed cushions (road humps) at junctions and on the carriageway were not favoured by residents because of the risk of suspension damage to vehicles and the noise generated by these.

There were any other points raised not least about the cost and whether this was good value for money given the number of cyclists currently using the route. Elements of the proposed scheme were seen as beneficial to the area such as additional zebra crossings but the siting of these might not be optimal.

The key message for Residents is to take part in the consultation and respond to the Council’s project team with their concerns and comments on the proposals.

I have noted that the proposed Traffic Orders and Notices for Eaton about crossings etc have a cut off date of 1st November which seems at odds with the consultation. I will raise this with the project team.

Chris Stebbing

How to comment

The project office would like your comments to can check whether they have got the proposals right.

There are a number of ways to send your comments, either by emailing, telephoning 0344 800 8020 or by writing to:

Eaton and Cringleford PTPW
Transport for Norwich – Floor 6
Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane
Norwich, NR1 2DH

The deadline for comments is 10am on Friday 4 November. We will carefully consider all the comments and report to the Norwich Highways Agency Committee at City Hall on Thursday 24 November 2016. The committee will then decide how and whether to proceed with the scheme.

October 2016 Update – Eaton / Cringleford – Push the Pedalways – Highway Improvement Project

Following approval at the September meeting of Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) the project office has informed EVRA that consultation letters regarding the scheme will be sent out on 5th October.

The proposals set out within the Preliminary Consultation Plan (attached) will be on display in full size at Waitrose in Eaton, the Willow Centre and the church hall in Cringleford from Friday 7th October.

Members of the project team will also attend the EVRA AGM at 7:30pm on Thursday 20 October at Eaton Golf Club to answer any questions from residents. Copies of the plans will also be on display.

The proposals are also be available online together with guidance on how to submit your comments at:

You can read a  copy of the consultation letter and accompanied plans through the following links:




How to comment

The project office would like your comments to can check whether they have got the proposals right.

There are a number of ways to send your comments, either by emailing, telephoning 0344 800 8020 or by writing to:

Eaton and Cringleford PTPW
Transport for Norwich – Floor 6
Norfolk County Council, County Hall, Martineau Lane
Norwich, NR1 2DH

The deadline for comments is 10am on Friday 4 November. We will carefully consider all the comments and report to the Norwich Highways Agency Committee at City Hall on Thursday 24 November 2016. The committee will then decide how and whether to proceed with the scheme.

  August 2016 Update – EVRA Chairman and Vice Chairman along with representatives of Cringleford Parish Council, The Yare Society, Waitrose, bus companies and other local organisations, attended the Working Group forum hosted by representatives from the City and County Council’s Project Delivery team which was held on 1st July at the Red Lion in Eaton. The forum presented the outline plans for the Eaton and Cringleford Transport Project and attendees were able to discuss and question all aspects of the initial design. Feedback from all those who attended has been used to inform the ongoing design work and EVRA has now received a copy of the Preliminary Plans along with a copy of the Questions raised and the Feedback Report.

Each point raised at the meeting has been investigated and considered by the Project Delivery team and summarised in the Working Group Questions and Feedback Report. This provides a summary of responses and a general overview of how the scheme is progressing to date. Further documents received are the Preliminary Layout Plan and the Tracks Plan which shows the space needed for buses and other large vehicles to negotiate junctions.

The Project Delivery team are working towards a public consultation on the proposals starting in late September. We will post a message on our website and Facebook pages when this has started.

PE4118 Working Group Questions and Feedback Report

PE4118-TS-001-2-3 – Prelim Layout Plan – DRAFT – 27-06-2016

PE4118-TS-100 TRACKS 12m SD Bus 034

We have invited the Project Delivery Team to attend the EVRA AGM on 20 October at Eaton Golf Club and they have confirmed that they will be there to answer any questions on the scheme.

July 2016 Update – EVRA along with representatives from Cringleford Parish Council, local Councillors, First Buses, Waitrose and other stakeholders were invited to see the draft designs for the proposed changes to roads around Eaton and Cringleford to deliver the New Transport Project.

Transport for Norwich (formerly known as NATS) is looking at future delivery of improvements in order to develop sustainable transport, reduce congestion and improve quality within the Greater Norwich Area, which all forms part of the Norwich Area Transportation Strategy Implementation Plan.  The key features of the plan include some of the following improvements; bus rapid transport (BRT) network; a core bus network; integrated ticketing and information; a package of cycling and walking improvements; specific rail service improvements; “Smarter Choices” initiatives, like travel planning; major road network; and the Northern Distributor Road (NDR).

As part of this large project, the team are currently looking at improvements to Eaton and Cringleford.  Some of the objectives which they are looking at are as follows, reduce speeds to 20mph; alleviate congestion at Cringleford Bridge; Improve the crossroads in the centre of Eaton; Make it easier for both pedestrians and cyclists to negotiate traffic; and create a bus rapid transit interchange in Eaton with additional features. The new Toucan crossing on Newmarket Road is part of this project and has been completed.

The draft designs include traffic lights on Cringleford Bridge and the widening of the footpath on Eaton Street to enable the creation of a cycle path running in front of the Red Lion and on towards Eaton Hill linking to the cycle path on Newmarket Road. Attendees had many comments on the drafts and how the changes may work in practice. Phasing of traffic lights to allow a right turn into Church Lane was a key concern along with these being linked into the timing of the new bridge lights to prevent congestion along Eaton Street. The timing of traffic lights at the bridge and Church lane need to allow for cyclists having to pull away uphill from a standing start and get across the junction. We didn’t think that the narrowing of Eaton Street to a single lane at the traffic lights would aid traffic flows even with a change to the phasing of the lights. Enabling pedestrians to safely cross the A11 slip road off Bluebell Road was also a concern which needed to be addressed. We also asked that the traffic management for the new development on the Bartram Mowers site is coordinated with the Project Team since this is currently being dealt with separately.

The team are working towards to have a further draft for discussion in the Autumn with an expectation that this will be finalised ready for work to start in March 2017. We invited the team to attend the EVRA AGM in October to talk about their plans and explain their proposals in more detail.

February 2016 Update – The City Council provided the following progress report on the Project.

 We undertook a successful Commonplace consultation in November. Almost 600 comments were tagged to the project area, which can be viewed here: 

Eaton and Cringleford Transport project – Commonplace consultation report

We have studied all of them and produced a consultation report, which is attached.

 This has been supplied to the project manager, to inform the work of the design team. The project manager is Billy Fox, who works at County Hall. He can be contacted on 222987 or

 The design team are about to start work. They aim to produce a design proposal for public consultation in late summer / early autumn. We intend to set up a local working group of councillors, business representatives, the Eaton Village Residents Association and Cringleford Parish Council to help us shape the design proposals. Either myself or a colleague will be in touch again soon with further details.

 We will also send an update to members of the public who responded to Commonplace and supplied their contact details.

 The planned toucan crossing over Newmarket Road near Poplar Avenue was approved at the Norwich Highways Agency Committee on 21 January and construction is due to start on 14 March. The project manager for that project is Nick Woodruff. He can be contacted on 638085 or

September 2015 Update – The consultation on the new Transport Project for Eaton and Cringleford has now started and you have until Monday 16th November 2015 to take part in this. You can access the consultation online at:

If you prefer a paper copy of the consultation you can pick one up at Eaton Post Office, Waitrose and the Willow Centre in Cringleford.

The report below on our meeting with the City Council might help with your responses.

What the project is about

In August EVRA were invited to participate in a pre-consultation meeting with the City Council and South Norfolk District Council on the proposed new transport project for the area. Representatives from Cringleford Parish Council also attended.

Here is a summary of the project as provided by the City Council:

Norwich City, Norfolk County and South Norfolk Councils are working together on a transport project in the centre of Eaton and Cringleford. It forms part of the Push the Pedalways and Bus Rapid Transit programmes that contribute to the implementation of the Norwich Area Transport Strategy. The project is intended to make it easier for people to move around on bikes, buses and foot. Before the councils draw up any plans they want to understand the experiences of local people who use these streets in their daily lives. They will be gathering views from mid-October until mid-November. Keep an eye out for links to the consultation information on the EVRA website and at Letters will be sent by the council to people living near the centre of Eaton and surveys will be available to collect from local businesses.

The date for the formal consultation will be announced in due course but we took the opportunity to comment on some of the issues that could be addressed to improve cycling and walking in the area. Many of these relate to the management of other traffic to provide benefits for all users.

We understand that it is intended to install a Toucan crossing on Newmarket Road near to the Unthank Road junction where the current pedestrian refuge is sited. This work should go ahead in the not too distant future – but no dates yet!

Here are some of the points raised with the Council. These and many other issues were marked on a map of the area and will feed into the consultation.

  • We pointed out that re-phasing of the traffic lights at Eaton Street to provide a dedicated right turn in to Church Lane would be of great benefit.
  • Re-siting of the traffic stop line at the Bluebell Road junction would make it easier for all traffic to negotiate the junction and prevent the safety barriers being regularly damaged.
  • The problem of traffic queues on Cringleford Bridge at peak times heading towards Eaton was discussed but no easy solution arrived at. This holds up cyclists and a bus rapid transit system would not be able to deliver a good service at peak times unless this is resolved.
  • The relocation of the Post Office into the Cellar House is an opportunity to look at the siting of parking spaces on Eaton Street and how these affect traffic flows.
  • The re-siting of the 30mph Speed Limit signs to the end of the Cringleford bypass and before the top of the slip road on the A11 would make joining the Newmarket Road easier and also slow the traffic well before the new Toucan crossing.
  • Various issues were raised affecting pedestrians crossing the road near Cringleford Church and for cyclists turning into Colney Lane.
  • The surface of the cycle path along much of Bluebell Road is very poor and bumpy. Improvements here would make the journey safer.
  • Access to pick up the cycle path from Eaton Street onto Newmarket Road south side is not easy. Traffic coming down the slip road creates a hazard for cyclists headed in the opposite direction.
  • There is a need for a safe pedestrian crossing point on the slip road from Bluebell Road onto the A11. The junction is to wide to see traffic turning from Bluebell Road.