Konect Bus 5A Service to Eaton – Timetable

Proposed Timetable changes to 5A service from 7th July

The Konect Bus website includes the following information about proposed changes to the 5A Service to Eaton from 7th July. The new timetable has not yet been published but appears to offer an increased service from Eaton to the City Centre of every 30 minutes for most of the day with buses renumbered as 5B. Further information will be posted when avialable.

Route 5A/5C
Blofield Heath – Norwich – Eaton (5A)
Little Plumstead – Norwich (5C)

Eaton to Norwich will be served by route 5B (Stalham – Wroxham – Norwich) with an improved frequency of every 30 minutes through most of the day.

There will be a new Mondays to Saturdays evening 5C journey from Norwich to the Plumsteads at 1930.

Blofield Heath and Plumsteads to Norwich routes will stay the same with revised times. Most journeys will continue to Mulbarton replacing route 37A which will offer through journey facilities (including to retail outlets on Hall Road such as Asda, and Mulbarton to the Rail Station) and improved reliability.

Sunday timetables serving Blofield and Mulbarton will remain the same; the latter will be numbered route 5A (was 37A).

The current East Harling to Norwich route 37A journeys will be included in the revised route 5A/5C timetable; please note not all these journeys are shown in the proposed timetable.

Route 5B
Stalham – Wroxham – Norwich

Additional journeys will operate between Rackheath Industrial Estate and Norwich via Green Lane West and the normal 5B route. These additional journeys will operate between 0900 and 1700 giving Rackheath to Norwich a bus every 30 minutes and enhancing Dussindale to Norwich to 3 buses an hour.

There will be minor timetable adjustments to the Wroxham and Stalham end of the route to improve punctuality. Please note the route 502 express journeys between Stalham and Norwich will be replaced by new route X11, see below for details.

The 2030 from Norwich to Salhouse will be extended to Wroxham.

All buses will continue to Eaton village & Greenways replacing route 5A and doubling the frequency to every 30 minutes for most of the day.


Changes to 5A bus service. From next Monday – 18th September – the 5A bus from Norwich to Eaton will depart from stop BR on St Stephens Street instead of stop BQ.

Here is a link to the Timetable for the 5A Konect Bus service to Eaton and City Centre