Norwich Biodiversity Strategy

The City Council has published its Biodiversity Strategy and Development Plan. The strategy sets out proposals to improve biodiversity and outlining how ambitious targets to help nature thrive will be achieved over the next decade. You can read more about this on the City Council website at: Council publishes ambitious proposals to boost Norwich’s biodiversity | Norwich City Council

The Biodiversity Strategy 2022 -2023 and the Biodiversity Development Plan 2022-2025 can be downloaded here:

Eaton Village has several open spaces and areas where nature can thrive and is bounded by green areas such as Marston Marsh, Eaton Golf Course, The Yare Valley and Donkey Lane. Eaton is well placed to support the strategy through the many gardens which provide a variety of habitats and links between the natural areas. The strategy proposes wilding some areas which means not cutting these as often creating habitats for insects and encouraging a wider variety of flora. We already have some areas of Eaton Green which the Council only cut once a year and there may be other areas which could benefit from this approach.

How would you like to see Eaton Village support the City Council Biodiversity Strategy and are you able to assist with organising this?