A million trees for Norfolk

Norfolk County Council are aiming to have a million trees planted in the county over 5 years and would like your help. See their website for further information about the project at: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/what-we-do-and-how-we-work/campaigns/1-million-trees-for-norfolk/about

To support the project the County Council are offering trees at reduced price in bundles of 10 for small trees and bundles of 20 for hedging trees. Many residents might wish to plant only one or a few trees so EVRA are prepared to aggregate orders across the Village and place a single order on your behalf.

You will need to confirm to EVRA the number of trees you want before 20th Dec (but first look at advice on where to grow on the NCC website at: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/what-we-do-and-how-we-work/campaigns/1-million-trees-for-norfolk/get-involved/jubilee-trees-for-norfolk-scheme/the-location-of-your-trees ).

Please provide your name, address, email address and phone number plus the fee per tree (£1.50 per tree) and date the application Cash payments would be preferred so that we can easily refund the money if our application is not successful or if we do not get enough orders for complete packs of 10 – first come first served. Orders with payment and the above details can be put in the EVRA post box in Waitrose or delivered to 11 Brentwood or 54 Greenways.

Orders must be placed by 20th December to stand a chance of being accepted by the County Council a million trees and would be available for us to collect on 11th February.

You will see that we have rounded up the cost per tree by 40p to make cash handling easier and to contribute to EVRA expenses in arranging and collecting the orders. Any money remaining after expenses will be used towards a Queen Elizabeth Memorial Tree which we are looking to site probably in Eaton Green.

EVRA are proposing to order either Crab Apple -malus sylvestris or Rowan- sorbus aucuparis or bundles of both if there is sufficient demand for complete bundles. We can also order hedgerow trees in bundles of 20. Guelder Rose, if available as a single species, or mixed hedging as per the County website if not.

EVRA would buy the bundles and split these to sell on to you but you would need to plant these according to guidance on the Council website. You would have to collect your trees from Vic (on Brentwood) on the afternoon of 11th February 2023 or the morning of 12th 10.00-12.00 and have them in the ground by the afternoon of the 12th. (You can heel them in initially but they will need to be planted into their final position asap.)

EVRA has a small stock of bamboo canes and spiral protectors left over from the tree planting we did in Donkey Lane some years ago and can provide sufficient for 60 trees at no cost. If more than 60 trees are ordered then there will be some spiral guards but not canes – the first orders will get the free kit. Spiral protectors and canes can also be purchased through the County scheme and from garden centres.

As part of the application process the County Council, in support of the Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme, require information on where the trees are to be planted. EVRA are applying for the trees on behalf of the residents of Eaton Village and will specify the overall location as that within the defined EVRA area. This is all properties accessed via Church Lane, all properties accessed via Sunningdale, all properties on Eaton Street and Eaton Hill, the South side of Newmarket Road from Sunningdale to Eaton Street and Poplar Avenue.

We reserve the right to issue a refund if we do not have a sufficient number of trees ordered by residents to make up a complete bundle as required by the County Council. We are unable to accept changes once an order has been placed by you and included in the overall order placed by EVRA.

If you have already planted trees since November 2019 then let the County Council know and your trees will be counted towards the million trees for Norfolk project.

You can notify them via this link:  https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/what-we-do-and-how-we-work/campaigns/1-million-trees-for-norfolk/get-involved/tell-us-about-trees-planted

Please contact us should you have other requirements or need a larger quantity of trees. We may be able to help and include your requirements within the EVRA order. Contact details are as follows:

Vic Flute email: vicechair.evra@gmail.com

Chris Stebbing email: evra.vc@live.co.uk