Photos of work to extend Roys car park in 1970s (Now Waitrose)

In the mid 1970s the car park for the Roys supermarket was extended into the meadows behind the store. Until then there were a few a parking spaces at the front of the store on Church Lane. Previously the area had been occupied by the meadows and Red Lion Yard as shown in this photo on the George Plunkett archive: Eaton St Red Lion Yard rear old cottages [1662] 1937-05-31.jpg (2546×1638) (

The work to extend the car park in the 1970s was captured on film by a resident on Eaton Street who still lives there. They had also at the same time experienced the construction of the Cringleford Bypass behind their house on an area that had previously been fields. Entrance to the car park was then via Church Lane but relocated to Eaton Street when Roys increased the size of the store and the car park to what it is today in 1988. The store was sold to Waitrose in 1995.

The above information has been taken from the History of Roys and from other sources and maps. Long-term residents of Eaton will have a better insight and memory of the works and we would appreciate any further information that you could provide. Please email this to Chris Stebbing at:

Thank you to Anna Green for sending the photos and allowing us to include them on our website.

Here are the photos of the 1970s work in progress:

View towards rear of new car park area. Extended further in late 1980s into the meadow area behind Waitrose car park.
View towards Church and Church Hall
Temporary entrance to Roys car park next the Red Lion. Now access for delivery vehicles.
View towards St Andrews Church. Probably from Red Lion car park after trees felled.
View towards Eaton Street. Note lamp posts behind houses on new bypass which are absent from next photo.
View from the Church towards Eaton Street
View from the Red Lion car park before trees were felled.
View from Lychgate at St Andrews