Eaton Village Post Office

Date Announced for move of Eaton Post Office into the Cellar House

The new Eaton post Office will open in the Cellar House on Friday 5th of February 2016. The current Post Office will close the day before – 4th February.

Here is a link to a report in the EDP on Saturday 10th January:

Update on Consultation

We heard today (Mon 5th October 2015) that the Cellar House has received confirmation that it can host the Post Office. This is good news for Eaton Village. We will continue to have a local post office. The move should take place in January 2016.

Consultation Opens on proposed move of Eaton Post Office

The Post Office has opened its consultation on the proposed move of the Post Office from its current location into the Cellar House. The consultation started on 31st July and closes on 18th September 2015. The public are invited to submit any comments they have on the proposed move by the closing date. Comments can be submitted online via the Post Office at using the Branch Code 092136 or by post.

The Post Office has published an Information letter and Poster about the proposed change which can be found at the following link:

The proposed move means that a Post Office service will continue in Eaton Village with longer opening hours and improved access to the premises. Almost all the existing services will be available apart from a few related to travel. The Information Letter lists all of the services currently provided and to be provided..

Please take time to participate in the consultation either online or by post. This is important and can be used to show your support for the move as well as for expressing any comments or concerns about this.

The Norwich Evening News includes a report today on the consultation which can be read here:

Latest Update on Eaton Village Post Office

You may have heard that the Cellar House has applied to provide Post Office services when our Village Post Office closes. The transfer process is well in hand with the pub having got through the initial Post Office approval stages. A Public Consultation on the proposed move will be launched shortly which will enable you to have your say on the changes.

It is likely that the move will take place early in the New Year once the final transfer arrangements have been completed. The existing Post Office will remain open in Eaton Village during that time.
This would be a good solution for Eaton Village and surrounding areas and keeps the facility in the same location as the existing PO. The Cellar House has good parking and level access to the area where the Post Office will be located and we understand that opening hours will be longer than the existing arrangements.

Further information will become available during the Public Consultation.

e-Petition started by Local Councilors

Discussions continue with the Post Office HQ and local businesses and organisations about the provision of post office services in Eaton if/when the current Post Office closes down. All options are still up for consideration but Waitrose have said that they do not wish to host the service. Our local Councillors have begun an e-petition to try and exert some gentle pressure on Waitrose to reconsider allowing the Eaton Post Office to move to their store. The Councillors received a good response on Saturday when Caroline, Judith and Brian were going door to door. Here is a link to the e-petition should you wish to contribute to this:

EDP Report in December

See the article in the EDP on 13 December 2014 with further news about the possible closure of Eaton Post Office. The EVRA committee have been liaising with City Councillors on the closure and exploring potential solutions to keep the service in the village.

Here is an item posted on the EVRA Facebook page in November:

A very worrying bit of news for Eaton is that Malcolm Fuller feels that the time has come when he is no longer able to sustain the running costs of the Post Office.
This will be a very sad day for Eaton as we have had a Post Office in the village for over 100 years.
Malcolm himself is very concerned about this as the business has been in his own family for over 50 years, 30 of which, he has been the Post Master himself and sadly he will now leave the business with nothing.
However, he feels strongly about the situation as far as Eaton residents are concerned and has been in touch with Simon Wright, who in turn has been talking to the head offices of Waitrose and the Post Office to try and find a solution and avoid leaving Eaton without this essential facility.
Unfortunately it would seem that there is no way forward and it looks as if sometime in the New Year the Post Office will close.
This will be a very sad day for the village.

You can see the reaction to this news and comments from residents on the EVRA Facebook page at: