EVRA Draft Safeguarding Policy

Eaton Village Residents’ Association – Draft Safeguarding Policy

Eaton Village Residents’’ Association (EVRA) is a community organisation formed to represent the interests of the Residents of Eaton Village, a suburb of Norwich. EVRA is committed to fostering an environment where everyone is able to participate in the association and its events in safety.
EVRA occasionally organises events that involve the participation of Residents and may include children as well as adults. Eaton Village is an inclusive community and EVRA is a member of Eaton Dementia Friends.
Where children are involved in EVRA events then our Policy is that they are accompanied at all times by their Parents or Guardians and that those responsible adults oversee their involvement in our activities.
Where vulnerable adults are involved then we require that they are accompanied by their carer or other responsible person for the duration of their involvement in the EVRA event.
EVRA has a duty of care to ensure that our events are safe for participants and do not expose participants to unnecessary risk. We take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants in such events.
The EVRA Committee includes members who have DBS clearance as part of their day-to-day work but we would still look to Carers, Parents or Guardians to take responsibility for the welfare and safety of their children or vulnerable adults.
Reporting – In the event of an issue or concern about the safeguarding of individuals then these should be referred to the Chairman of EVRA in the first instance or, in the event of possible conflict of interest, to the Secretary of EVRA. The names and contacts for these roles can be found on the EVRA website in the About EVRA Section.

EVRA – August 2019