Old Photos of Eaton and Local History

Photos of Eaton

Norfolk County Council has a collection of photos that include Eaton. You can search through the archive for Eaton but this also includes many pictures taken by a local photographer named Eaton.

Here is a link to the site: NCC Picture Norfolk

The George Plunkett website also has photos of Eaton Village taken on Church Lane and Eaton Street during the 1930s. 



Some history of Eaton Village

The photo below was posted on the Secret Norwich Facebook page by Tim Yau and provides a link to the history of our Village. It’s attached to a wall outside a property at the far end of Newmarket Road, just before you get into Eaton. The following information will be of interest to Eaton Residents who want to know more about the history of the area.

The Royal Norfolk Nurseries were run by the Ewings and here is a link to further information about the family and their connection with Eaton.


The map shows the section of Eaton where the nursery was located – largely what is now the other side of the A11 Cringleford bypass along Bluebell Road.

There are more maps of the area on the Norfolk County Council website where you can overlay maps from different times and toggle between them to see the changes over time.

Select the Map Explorer option to see the maps. Click on Flash player logo to activate this if the map page is not shown.


Another source of old maps is the George Plunkett website at: http://www.georgeplunkett.co.uk/Website/maps.htm