Bartram Mowers Site Bluebell Road: Proposed Development

McCarthy and Stone has submitted a planning application to Norwich City Council for the development of the Bartram Mowers site on Bluebell Road.

The date for comments on the application has been extended to Wednesday 9th December 2015.

Our local Councillors delivered a Focus Newsletter about this planning application to residents nearest the development which you can read here: November 2015 Bartram Mowers A4 Focus

The Yare Valley Society has also submitted comments on the application which you can read on the Society’s website at:

Previous Postings about development of Bartram Mowers Site on Bluebell Road

You can read here an update from McCarthy and Stone received by email on 13 November 2015.

Update from McCarthy and Stone re Bartram Mowers site 13 Nov 15

The EVRA Chairman and Vice Chairman met with McCarthy and Stone planners earlier in the year as part of the pre-consultation stage. Although the proposed build is not within the EVRA area we stated our concerns about the impact of the development on traffic on Eaton Street cross-roads during the construction phase and also the increase in traffic on Bluebell Road during and after construction. We know that the Yare Valley Society have concerns about the impact of the development on the Yare Valley environment and we share those concerns.

The following information has been received by post about the consultation and it is assumed that other residents of Eaton will have also received this. So, take the opportunity to visit the exhibition at the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints on Greenways, Eaton, on Thursday 24th September and have your say about the proposals.

Here is a copy of the consultation invitation: Bartram Mowers site consultation Sept 2015