Eaton Village Easter Trail 2021

The EVRA Trail Map can be downloaded here:

There are also a number of houses with Easter Displays that you can see as you follow the trail. Please let us know if you have a display and we will add you to our list. Contact us at:

The displays can be found at the following addresses:

8 Sunningdale

5 Sunningdale

6 Glenalmond

86 Greenways

74 Abinger Way

75 Church Lane

11 Brentwood ( view from Greenways)

54 Greenways

Easter is a time when we look forward to the coming summer. Days are getting longer and warmer and plants and wildlife are more active. To help celebrate this renewal of the year EVRA is organising an Easter Trail around Eaton Village with a series of clues which will help you solve an anagram of a well-known phrase or saying. The location of clues will be marked on a Trail Map which will be published on the EVRA website for you to download from 27th March.

We hope that many residents will join in by following the Trail and also display their own colourful Easter egg designs and bunnies or chicks and other Easter pictures in their front windows or gardens.

You can design and draw your own pictures but there are also many Easter themed templates to download for free from the internet at sites such as Crayola:

So, get drawing and create those designs in time for Easter. Why not “go large” and create an impressive display in your front garden.

The Trail Map will list only the location of the clues but please let us know if you are displaying an Easter picture and we can add your location to an online list on our website and Facebook pages. 

Email: or phone 503301.

More details to follow on the EVRA website and Facebook pages – look out for our posts.