Anglian Bus 121

The committee is pleased so many people are supporting the yellow buses. With effect from April 6th this service will operate direct into the city via Newmarket Road and not via Eaton and Ipswich Roads. It will continue to serve Thorpe Station but not on Saturdays.

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  1. There has been a recent change to the time of the 15.48 bus from the city to an earlier time of 15.38 . This means that school pupils, including anyone from Notre Dame High School, will no longer be able to catch that bus home and will have to wait an hour for the next one.

    1. I understand the time was changed for reliability reasons so unfortunately there is no plans for it to change back to the original time.

  2. Hi, we have a fantastic Bus Service, with equally brilliant drivers which are considerate to our elder residents, so why oh why do we still have the 23 service which is mostely empty, and driven by foul mouthed drivers. I was on the 121 on my way home on saturday, when Paul was flagged down by a 23 driver and sworn at, Paul being the professional he is just ignored him – their were children on board. The 23 service can not be making money, if and it is a BIG if, the area needs a 1/2 hour service then just let 23 come round on the half hour. It is stupid to see the two buses following one another, with people ignoring the 23 to wait for the 121. Thanks for listening – I feel better now – can we all get together and stop these oversized, smelly unnessarily buses from spoiling our area.

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