Buckland Rise Dog Bin

How would I go about petitioning the appropriate authories to get a bin placed at the cut through at the top of Buckland Rise? As a responsible dog owner I always scoop, however the only bin is near the children’s play area and is often full to overflowing. The green area at the top of Buckland Rise is often full of discarded dog mess or even bagged discarded dog mess. I feel placing a bin here at the other side of the eastate would help to clean up the problem. Amanda

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  1. The Association has tried to get extra bins in that area. The Council reply is that they contract for a certain number of bins to be emptied and if we were to get one there, some other position would have to loose theirs. Its a question of robbig Peter to pay Paul. Therefore I’m sorry to say, at present its a no go. We’ll put it to the councillors to see what they can do. Any support would be appreciated.

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