Community Sponsorship of Refugees

Dear Friends,
 Refugee poster
You are invited to a Meeting at St Andrew’s Church Eaton on Thursday 21 June at 7.30,  about the sponsorship of a refugee family by our community.  Please see the attached information about this government scheme and our plan. We would be so glad if you could join.
We are inviting members of other groups already working with refugees in Norwich who will be able to share their experiences.  Also we are pleased to have Chris Keating coming from Bedford, where they sponsor refugees under this scheme.
If you think you can come, please let us know so we have some ideas of numbers. We hope you will be able to share this invitation with your friends or other contacts.  Please print and put up a poster if you can!
Best wishes,
Jane Saunders and Jenny Holcombe
Click the link to read more about the scheme: