Draft Minutes of 2013 AGM added to Website

The draft Minutes of the EVRA 2013 AGM held at Eaton Golf Club have been added to the EVRA Constitution and Committee pages. The minutes include a summary of the discussions we had in the second half of the meeting. Here is an update on how some matters are proceeding:

In the New Year we will start a new project to look at our play areas with a view to revamping these. The play area at Eaton Green (behind the school) is a particular area which we believe needs attention. You may have seen this mentioned in the EVRA Update column in the December issue of the “Just Eaton and Cringleford” magazine.

Coincidently, Norwich City Council are currently running a survey on Parks and Open Spaces and this is a good opportunity to have your say on existing facilities.  You will find the survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=SbfhYThOCdFwHwJkMlK%2Bxg%3D%3D

We heard at the AGM how barriers on some footpaths prevent wheelchair users from easily getting around the Village. There are several paths where the barriers are too close to manoeuvre a wheelchair or pram and residents have to take longer alternative routes.  Following the AGM our City Councillors have raised this issue with the Council but have been informed that any work will have to wait until after the new financial year in April. We will keep a watch on this matter.

Since the AGM we have set up our Facebook site to complement the website and provide a more immediate means of communication. The site is already reaching more than 350 households and growing steadily. Why not join Facebook and ‘Like’ our site. You can find us at https://www.facebook.com/eatonvillageresidentsassociation

Chris Stebbing

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