Eaton Eco Day – EVRA Swap Shop

EVRA are supporting the St Andrew’s Eco Day on Saturday 7th May by running a Swap Shop in partnership with New-U and PACT. You can bring along your clothes and toys and books that you no longer need and swap them for something else. Re-use and recycling of clothes, toys and books is an environmentally friendly way to deal with those items you no longer need. The event will start at 5:30pm and is open to all so please come and support us even if you don’t have something to swap as you will also be able to buy items on the day. New-U will be able to take cash or card payments for clothes and EVRA will handle cash payments for toys and books. 

Donations of clothes, toys and books can be delivered to St Andrew’s Church from Monday 25 April until Thursday 5th May between 10am and 4pm. Please leave items in the old church on the right side. Items must be clean/freshly washed, undamaged, and toys working with all pieces. Items should be bagged and a form should be completed with your details so that we can allocate your points on the day of the swap. Forms will be available in the Church but you can also download a copy here to complete beforehand:

 You can bring up to ten good quality clean items to swap for something “new to you”. Drop-off items during the times above and collect your points on arrival at the swap. The amount of points you receive will depend on the quality and condition of the item. Points earned from clothes can only be spent on clothes and spent at the swap or in a New-U store.

New-U is a UK registered charity number, No. 1186761. One of their main aims is to promote a sustainable approach to fashion by swapping clothes in their Norwich store and selling second-hand clothing online. Read more about New-u here

New-U will assist EVRA with the sorting and valuing of clothes and will issue tokens for these that can be swapped for other garments, either at the Swap event or later in their Norwich store. 

People for Animal Care Trust (PACT) was established by a group of people dedicated to animal welfare, and registered as a charity in March 1995. The PACT animal sanctuary is one of the largest in East Anglia. PACT is a charity that begins where other local organisations have neither the facilities nor expertise to cope.

PACT rescues, rehabilitates and where possible re-homes, neglected, injured and abandoned animals.Our specialty is ‘problem animals’, victims of physical or mental abuse. They are coaxed back to health, overcoming their behavioral distress and restoring their dignity. In most cases these poor creatures would have had no option other than euthanasia. You can read more about PACT on their website at: PACT – Animal sanctuary and wildlife rescue. (

EVRA will value toys and books and separate tokens will be issued for these that can be swapped for items. Any toys and books remaining at the end will be donated to the Eaton branch of PACT located on Eaton Street.