New Double Yellow Lines on Greenways/Purtingay and Duverlin Closes

Yesterday the City Council painted double yellow lines on the corners of Purtingay and Duverlin Closes and Greenways and marked up the Car Club bay. The double lines are there to discourage drivers from parking on the corners and causing obstructions to other drivers.
Problems arising from traffic and parking around Eaton Primary School have been a long standing issue and EVRA has had many discussions with the school, City Council, Councillors and Police to seek solutions to this. The installation of yellow lines should help alleviate the issue but may move the problem elsewhere through a reduction in the available space for parking.
There have been several occasions recently when the bus has had greater difficulty than usual negotiating its route through to its turning point on Norton Drive at the start and end of the school day. The 5A bus provides an essential service to Eaton Village and we wish this to continue. There is a risk that bus services may be amended or withdrawn if access is regularly restricted through inconsiderate parking.
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Chris Stebbing – Chairman EVRA