Overflowing Litter Bins on Marston Marsh

Over the Easter week-end the litter bin at the Eaton Village entrance to Marston Marsh has become full and overflowed onto the ground. It is great that people are using the bin rather than leaving rubbish on the marsh. We know it is unsightly and Residents have contacted Matt Davies at the Norwich Fringe Project to report this. However, it is the responsibility of the City Council to empty the bins and this has been reported to them.

If you have any concerns or issues about council services then you can contact the City Council through their contact centre on 0344 980 3333 from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  You can also report such things online via the DO IT ONLINE facility on the City Council website. Here is a link to the Do It Online page http://www.norwich.gov.uk/DoItOnline/Pages/TellUsAboutIt.aspx