Reminder – EVRA AGM – Thursday 16th October 2014 at Eaton Golf Club

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at Eaton Golf Club on Thursday 16th October starting at 7:30pm. The Committee will present the annual report on activities during the past year and the financial accounts. We will also hold elections for the new Committee for the coming year. Nominations for all posts will be accepted at the meeting and ballots will take place as necessary for posts. In the second half of the meeting we will have an open forum on topics of interest to residents which will include proposals for improving our play areas.

The meeting provides an opportunity for you to hear about what your Committee has been doing and raise issues and concerns about the Village. You can also volunteer to become a Committee member and assist the community through our work. The Committee meets every two months to discuss business and also has a several sub-committees to plan and take forward the Scarecrow Festival and to develop plans for the play areas.

The bar will be open throughout the meeting for purchase of teas and coffees and drinks.

Gerald Cooke, our current Chairman, has decided to retire after eleven years chairing the Association. So we will be looking for a new Chairman to lead us for the coming year. Gerald has achieved much during his tenure in particular raising money to pay for the path across Marston Marsh and initiating the Scarecrow Festival which has become an annual event in Eaton. The September issue of the “Just Eaton and Cringleford” magazine included an article about Gerald on pages 14 & 15 which you can read online here –