S&P Poster Design Competition

Smith & Pinching are a Norwich based company with an office in Eaton who are keen to support the local community. As part of this support they are running a Thank You Keyworkers poster design competition for children – see the attached poster for more information about how to take part.

This is predominantly aimed at the Eaton area and all local children are invited to take part. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each age category and winning posters will be printed and displayed in the windows of S&P Eaton office on Eaton Street.

S&P are also making a donation of £100 to the Eaton defibrillator fund to help maintain this. The defibrillator is managed by our City Councillor Caroline Ackroyd who ensures that consumable items such as contact pads are kept up to date and replaced after any usage and that the batteries are charged and replaced when necessary.

The fund is used to pay for these items and relies on donations for this. The Eaton defibrillator is attached to the outer wall of the Waitrose store on Church Lane and has been used on several occasions.