Warning! – Suspect Telephone Calls claiming to be from EVRA

We have received a report through one of our local PCSOs that a resident had recently been contacted by a lady claiming to be from the Residents’ Association. The caller said that there had been a complaint about noise from the household and that they would be visiting the house with a noise meter. The resident was told to leave her door unlocked so that they could gain access. The resident thought the call was suspicious and contacted the Police.

Be assured that the Eaton Village Residents’ Association would never act in this way and in any case it is the responsibility of the Environmental Health Department of Norwich City Council to deal with complaints about noise. Please take care when leaving your doors unlocked or open in the warm weather.

If you receive such a call or have been contacted in a similar way, or know someone who has, then please phone the Police on the non-emergency number 101. In case of emergency always call 999. The police will check with the EVRA to see if we have made the call.

Chris Stebbing – EVRA Vice-Chairman

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