Eaton Village Scarecrow Festival 2023 – Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who toured the Village and voted for their favourite scarecrows in our 2023 Scarecrow Festival. This is the first time that EVRA has offered online voting and more than 95% of the votes received were cast this way. There were clear favourites in each category and the winners were presented with their certificates and prizes in the Waitrose Café on Sunday 30 July.

We have included below photos of the prize winners who were able to attend the presentations.

We thank Waitrose for hosting the event and for their sponsorship of prizes for the Standard Scarecrows. We also thank Smith & Pinching for sponsoring the prizes for the Simple scarecrows. It is good to have the support of local businesses for EVRA events and projects.

Standard Scarecrows – Prizes presented by Waitrose, Eaton

Favourite Scarecrow S1 – Ariel and Ursula – Amber Say, Eaton Street

Second favourite Scarecrow S8 – Peter Pan – Adam Ward, Greenways

Third favourite Scarecrow S16 – Maleficent  – Louise Mills, Bradeham Way

Simple Scarecrows – Prizes presented by Smith & Pinching, Eaton

Favourite Simple Scarecrow S7 -Tin Man – Vic Flute, Brentwood

Second favourite Scarecrow S24 – Snow White shouldn’t have Eaton the apple – Annmarie Sparks, Kingswood Close

Third favourite Scarecrow S5 – Darth Vader – Natasha Simpkin, Greenways

Favourite Business Scarecrow – Prize presented by EVRA

Mutt & Co, Church Lane

Photos of the 2023 scarecrows are on the EVRA website at: Eaton Scarecrows July 2023 – Eaton Village Residents’ Association