Konect 5B Bus Service to Eaton

Konect are making a few changes to the 5B bus serving Eaton from Monday 4th September 2023.

Konect has addressed some of the issues raised by residents and Councillors arising from the May changes and has advised that the following changes will take place from 4th  September 2023.

  • A new 08:21 Eaton to Bus station journey will be added, providing a pre 09:00 arrival in the City Centre.
  • The 14:40 St Stephens Street to Eaton will operate all week serving the entire Eaton estate.
  • The 15:40 St Stephens Street to Eaton journey will still only serve Eaton Estate on certain days due to school commitments.

Here is a link to the new timetable from 4th September: 5B-timetable-20230903-f60dcb2a.pdf (amazonaws.com)

Could we also please remind those living on the bus route to park their vehicles considerately to allow the easy passage of the 5B bus through our roads ensuring the continuation of this valuable service. Particular issues arise on Lindford Drive/Abinger Way and also at the top end of Greenways. This will also ensure that other large vehicles such as refuse collection and emergency vehicles can easily navigate their way around Eaton Village.