EVRA Subscriptions:

Our recent Newsletter asked that residents pay their subscription through online banking to avoid our treasurer having to handle large amounts of cash and paper to process these. We are aware that some residents are unable to use online banking or do not wish to do so. In such cases you can pay your subscription in cash and deliver this to 54 Greenways or to our treasurer at 21 Ebbisham Drive. Please place your subscription in an envelope and write your name and address on this so that we can update our records of which households have paid.

Our preference is that you use online banking for payment of EVRA subscriptions for this year, if at all possible. Account details are on the July Newsletter. You can also download this by clicking on “Latest Newsletter” in the side panel on this page.

We generally receive around 800 subscription envelopes a year from the 1500 issued and consequently have a large amount of cash to handle and take to the bank over several visits.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your continuing support of EVRA