Eaton Burial Ground:

You may have passed the entrance to the Eaton Burial Ground on Church Lane many times but not visited the site itself. It is a surprisingly large and open space set between the houses on Church Lane and backing onto Merrow Gardens. The site is quite tranquil and green with several benches where visitors can sit and think about their loved ones or just sit peacefully for a while listening to the birds or taking in the wildflowers.

The site is maintained by St Andrew’s PCC who are seeking help to look after this space as set out in the attached notice. Practical help is sought as well as assistance with funding. As the notice explains the site is being maintained in a more environmentally friendly way which will reduce costs as well as benefitting the flora and the fauna of the site.

If you are interested in helping you can contact St Andrew’s by email at: or post a note through the door at the Church Hall Office.