Painting the bench by Church Hall

Over the weekend EVRA, with the help of local scouts, we cleaned and prepared the bench by Eaton St Andrew’s Church Hall ready for painting. The bench was originally presented to the village in 1973 by Eaton Village Townswomen’s Guild (EVTG) and was initially maintained by the Church. EVRA agreed to maintain this from 2007. The EVTG was wound up in 2021 and donated £80 from their remaining funds to EVRA to purchase paint etc for maintenance of the bench.

Timo, Stephen, Joe and Max helped to clean off the remaining old paint, sand down the bench and apply a first coat of preservative on Saturday followed by a further coat on Sunday. The two coats of Sadolin Classic will protect it over winter and we will return next year to add further coats and paint the metal frame.

The project was arranged by EVRA Committee Member Bernard Godding who liaised with the Scouts and their parents following a discussion at a Farmers Market at the Cellar House where they were fundraising for their trip. Thank you to Jeroen Stam for helping EVRA complete the arrangements.

Thanks also go to Philip Clayton for arranging access to the Church Hall for electricity supply for the sander.

Timo, Stephen, Joe and Max have been selected from UK Scouts to attend the World Scout Jamboree in South Korea in 2023 and have to raise around £4000 each to pay for the trip. Part of their fee will help subsidise scouts from less advantaged countries to attend the Jamboree. EVRA will make a donation to their fund for helping with this project.

Chris Stebbing – EVRA Chair

Not a lot of paint on the bench when we started
Presentation Plaque from 1973 – this will also be cleaned up
Timo and Stephen applying the first coat
Stephen, Bernard and Timo on Saturday
Joe, Timo and Max on Sunday
The finished bench looking great – Colour is Dark Palisander