EVRA Annual General Meeting

The EVRA AGM will be held on Wednesday 19th October at Eaton Golf Club, Sunningdale. The meeting will start at 7.30pm. The first part of the meeting will be the formal AGM with presentation of reports and accounts from the Committee. We will also hold elections for all of the Committee roles.

We haven’t been able to hold an AGM since 2019 and the Committee elected then have remained in post to deal with Association matters. All members of the current Committee are eligible to seek nomination for the new Committee for 2022/23. We will take nominations for the Committee at the AGM.

For the second half of the AGM we were due to have a presentation by Vivien Humber on the history of Eaton. Sadly, Vivien lost her husband recently so will not now be coming to speak to our AGM. We offer our condolences to Vivien and family.

We will use the second half of the AGM to seek the views of residents on local issues and matters that the new Committee can consider. The Agenda setting out the programme for the evening will be posted on the EVRA website.

The draft minutes of the 2019 AGM are available on the EVRA website and documents for the 2022 AGM will be posted prior to the meeting. AGM documents can be found on the EVRA website at: Reports to EVRA AGM – Eaton Village Residents’ Association

Please come along to the AGM and hear about what your committee have been doing. We would welcome new members to help deliver EVRA events and support our other activities on behalf of the community of Eaton Village. Plese contact Chris Stebbing at: evra.vc@live.co.uk for more information about being a member of the EVRA Committee.