Update on Colman Road Works – now due to start 27th January 2020

Transport for Norwich have recently issued a Public Information Notice about the Colman Road/ Mile End Road works. These are now planned to start on 27th January and Eaton Residents need to be aware of how these will affect journeys to the City.

One of the key elements is that Unthank Road will be closed for most through journeys at its junction with Colman Road from 27th January to 6th March as set out in the extract below from the PIN. The only permitted turns will be left-turns at the junction. This probably means that more through traffic will be using Newmarket Road and Daniels Roundabout throughout the day and, in particular, in the morning rush hour.

Applicable 27/01/20 to 06/03/20 only: • Diversion 4/5: Right turns will be banned from Unthank Road (both sides) onto Colman Road/Mile End Road. Right turns from Colman Road/Mile End Road into Unthank Road will be banned in both directions.  Straight across movements on Unthank Road will also be banned in both directions. These changes are required while works are conducted on the pedestrian crossing near Waldeck Road.

There are also various other closures and diversions for the duration of the works as set out in the Notice. You can read the Public Information Notice here: A140 Colman Road Mile End Road Traffic flow improvement 27 January to 17 April 2020

Here is a link to the County Council website page for Norwich Improvement Works.: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/major-projects-and-improvement-plans/norwich/city-centre-improvements/improvement-projects/current/colman-road

Chris Stebbing – 16/01/2020