Donkey Lane Fence Work

UPDATED! You may have noticed that contractors have cleared scrub and some trees along Donkey Lane and installed a new 6ft fence from the Greenways end to the rear of the houses on Wentworth Green. The new fence is to prevent people accessing the area off Donkey Lane which is private property. The site is also the home of a bat colony in the old Eaton chalk pit and is protected as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The new fence will also prevent people disturbing the bats.
The Residents’ Association had not been informed about this work and were alerted to it by residents backing onto Donkey Lane. I have since spoken to the Norwich Fringe Project and to Natural England and to the Contractor and understand that the work has received the approval and support of Natural England.
Chris Stebbing – EVRA Vice-Chairman
Here are some photos of the completed fence.



  1. I do not wish or need to see photographs of the ghastly fence along Donkey Lane
    This ugly and intimidating construction is already painfully obvious from the rear of my
    Who do Natural England think they are approving this construction whilst claiming that they are conserving and enhancing the natural environment.
    Were any residents given any prior information ?
    This must be some kind of sick joke surely ?

    1. Paul

      The Residents Association was not informed about this work and the first we knew about it was when local Residents contacted us. As I said on the website, I contacted the City Council immediately since the site is a SSSI and I wanted to check that the contractors had permission to be there. I also spoke to Natural England who wanted to protect the site from intruders – apparently there had been reports of people in the old quarry where the bats live. The whole site is private property owned by a householder on Newmarket Road. Our local Councilors have got involved and have also checked if planning consent was needed (apparently not). The fence is more substantial than as orginally described to me and seems more suitable to an industrial site than residential premises. The EVRA Committee will continue to monitor the situation taking account of feedback from Residents.

      There have also been suggestions that the fence should be painted green. The brambles and scrub will regrow fairly quickly and hopefully hide most of the fence.


      Chris Stebbing – EVRA Vice Chairman
      Tel: Norwich 503301

  2. Chris

    Thanks for your response, I realise that no blame is attached to any local body but would like my comment noted.


    Paul Taylor
    81 Greenways

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