Update from AGM held on 20th October 2016

The About EVRA page has been updated with details of the new committee.  The new Chairman is Chris Stebbing and Vic Flute takes on the role of Vice Chairman. We thank Rosemary Benton for her chairmanship over the past two years. Rosemary will remain on the Committee and continue looking after the Friends of Donkey Lane group.

The discussion on the proposed transport changes for Eaton and Cringleford sparked a very lively debate. We are grateful to Bruce Bentley and Andrew Wadsworth from the Highway Projects Team for attending the AGM and taking your questions.

You read the highlights of the discussion at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/local-issues/new-transport-project-for-eaton-and-cringleford/

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM and for your continued support to EVRA. Copies of the Reports and accounts can be found on the About EVRA page at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/about/reports-to-evra-agm/

Chris Stebbing