Dog Fouling around Eaton Village

Dog Mess! Several residents have contacted EVRA recently highlighting an increase in dog fouling around the Village. May we remind dog owners that it is their responsibility to clear up after their dogs and not leave dog poo on our public spaces or our footpaths. We know that most dog owners are responsible people and clear up their mess but there are some who do not.  There are several dog bins located around the area which can be used otherwise just take the poo bags home and put them in your general household waste bin.

Dog mess can be an issue in areas such as Eaton Green near the playground where people can tread in this on the way to the park or school. It is also a problem on Marston Marsh which is well used by dog and other walkers as well as the volunteers who work on the marsh and have to deal with this when working there.

Dog fouling can be reported to the City Council via their website at:

or by telephone to the City Council enquiries centre on: 0344 980 3333, 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday

The City Council aim to clear any dog fouling within 24 hours of it being reported: or the following working day if reported out of hours. The City Council can also monitor areas more closely where frequent reports of dog fouling indicate a problem area. They will only remove dog fouling from public land which they are responsible for eg public roads, pavements and parks. They do not remove dog fouling from private properties and gardens.

It would be helpful if residents who witness dog fouling remind the dog owners about picking this up where the owners have failed to do so. Our network of regular dog walkers can be helpful in combating the problem through talking to other dog owners and reporting incidents to the City Council.