EVRA Website Updates – May 2019

Several pages on the EVRA website have been updated with matters that will be of interest.

Eaton 20mph Zone – We have received information from the City Council about the formal adoption of the experimental 20mph Zone for Eaton Village. You can read more about this at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/local-issues/eaton-20mph-zone/

Trading Standards and Scams – Reports on the latest Scams to separate people from their hard earned money are a regular feature on News and other programmes. We continue to receive regular updates from Norfolk Trading Standards on the latest Scams which are posted on our website shortly after receipt. https://eatonvillage.co.uk/local-links-and-services/norfolk-trading-standards-how-to-be-scam-aware/recent-scam-alerts-from-norfolk-trading-standards/

You can also visit the Trading Standards website at any time through the links on our page at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/local-links-and-services/norfolk-trading-standards-how-to-be-scam-aware/

Bluebell Road closure at Earlham Five Ways Roundabout – Transport for Norwich will be working at the Five Ways roundabout to make safety improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. The works start on Monday 3rd June and continues through to 31 August and includes closure of Bluebell Road from just before the roundabout. Gypsy Lane and Earlham Green Lane will also be closed at the approaches to the roundabout. Earlham Road will be open but with traffic controls at the roundabout.

Drivers will not be able to get onto the Earlham Road via Bluebell Road for the duration of the works.

Diversions will be in place but traffic may be busier than normal. Other works are planned for Earlham Road “Green Pedalway” through to the City Centre which will involve closures and diversions.

It is highly likely that the UEA will take steps to prevent “rat runs” through to the Watton Road.

Details of the works can be found on the County Council Website at: https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/…/earlham-road-cycle-safety-sche…

A link to these and other roadworks around the area can be found at https://roadworks.org/ which also shows all planned works across the country.

The above information has also been posted previously on the EVR Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/eatonvillageresidentsassociation

EVRA Summer Events 2019 – Residents should have received a copy of the EVRA Summer Events programme with the Parish Summer School brochure. Our Events include:  Scarecrow Festival, Family Fun Day and Garage Sale over the weekend of 20th and 21st July and the Summer Garden Competition, also in July. Entry forms for events are included in the programme which you can download here: EVRA Summer Events Brochure 2019

Please get in touch if you can help with setting up or running any of the events. Please let me know if you can run a cake sale or other event to help raise funds for our Eaton Green Playground Project over the weekend or at other times and we will include details on our Scarecrow Trail Map and website and Facebook pages. Contact Chris Stebbing on 503301 or by email at: evra.vc@live.co.uk

Konect Bus 5A Service to City Centre – Timetable changes will come into effect on 7th July which will see the service renumbered to 5B and frequency increased to every 30 minutes for most of the day. The new timetable has not yet been published but further information about this and other changes can be found on the Konect website through the link on our page at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/local-links-and-services/konect-bus-5a-service-to-eaton-timetable/