Free Exchange Library on Wentworth Green

Free Exchange Library: A resident has set up a free exchange library on Wentworth Green which is already proving to be popular.

The materials used for the library have come from left over projects: the window was a freebie which they cut down, feet made from reused posts and the living roof made from their own plants plus a few bought locally. So why not take a look because you may just find that book you have been looking for.

Both adult and children’s books are available and you should donate a book for any that you remove.

There is also a book exchange in the new Waitrose cafe tucked around the corner but visible from the front of the building. And also a little library in Branksome Road. Let us know if you have set up a similar library and we will publicise it. It would be good to have a network of libraries and book exchanges around the Village.

Here are a few photos of the library on Wentworth Green: