Message from the Yare Valley Society

“The Threat to the Yare Valley”

Many readers will be well aware of the proposals of the Norwich Rugby Club for development on the UEA playing fields at Colney, which have given rise to many objections by local residents and parish councils. The Rugby Club and the UEA have revised their scheme and this is now open for comment. The committee of the Yare Valley Society have considered the revised plans and feel strongly that the proposed changes do not overcome the fundamental objection that the new clubhouse, car parking, roadway and lighting would be a serious and damaging intrusion into the Yare valley. The developers claim that the scheme would offer significant “community benefits” (apparently to those who join the club), but the committee view is that the “benefits ” either exist already or could be accommodated on other much less damaging sites. In any event they do not outweigh the disbenefits to the communities of people who appreciate  and enjoy the valley and its wildlife for casual and peaceful recreation.

The Society would point out that it is important that anyone who has objected to the original scheme, and is still opposed to the revised  application, should inform the South Norfolk council to restate their objection.
The council have set a deadline for comment of 29th July, although later submissions may be considered. The plans are on the South Norfolk web site, the application number is
The Yare valley between Harford and Bawburgh is a precious environmental asset , under increasing pressure from developers on both sides and it will be increasingly important to resist piecemeal and incremental erosion of its essential character. Many believe that present government planning policy does not appear to give sufficient weight to environmental protection and it is important that any group or
individual who seeks to maintain  green spaces in vulnerable areas acts to secure their protection.
See the Yare Valley Society website for more information: