Plots of land for sale around Eaton Village

We have recently been alerted to three plots of land that have been advertised on Rightmove for sale by Auction House on 16th July. There are two plots in Merrow Gardens and one which includes part of the footpath running between Buckland Rise and Marston Lane. The plots in Merrow Gardens are grass verges and the other plot includes verges and public footpaths. Here are the links to the three plots:

Each one is described as “May Suit Variety of Uses or Speculative Future Development (STP)”. It is difficult to envisage what this alternative use might be other than as an extension of current properties in the case of Merrow Gardens. Each plot has a guide price of £2000 to £5000 plus fees of at least £2100. 

I have received several messages from residents concerned about these sales and what might happen to these plots in future and the impact on the amenity of Eaton Village. I have requested from Auction House copies of the legal packs associated with each property but their website says that the legal packs are not yet available. I am hoping that these packs will shed more light on the plots and ownership. 

It is possible that the plots are parcels of land where the developer retained ownership after selling the nearby houses and is now looking to sell these off. I noticed other similar small plots within established developments for sale around the country on the Auction House website. A purchaser would presumably seek to capitalise on the plots in some way since ownership would otherwise incur costs to maintain the land and the trees located on these. 

Each of these plots has been maintained by the City Council with the grass cut and footpath works undertaken since the streets/paths were adopted – probably around 50 years or more.

This matter has been raised with our City and County Councillors as we are concerned about what may happen to these plots and the impact on our open spaces. We also wonder if there any other similar plots around Eaton Village. The ideal solution would be to retain these as public spaces. It would be great if the owner donated these to the City Council to look after on behalf of the community. 

Chris Stebbing – EVRA Chair