Summer Garden Competition – List of Entrants

There wasn’t room to include the gardens entered into the EVRA Summer Garden Competition on the Scarecrow Trail Map this year but here is the list that the judges will be looking this week.

20 Kingswood close
22 Carnoustie
87 Lindford Drive
14 Duverlin
1 Turnberry
4 Cranleigh Rise
12 Brentwood
16 Sunningdale
13 Wentworth Green
9 Cheyham Mount
22 Turnberry
20 Marston Lane
7 Buckland Rise
13  Cranleigh Rise
12 Marston Lane


If you are following the Scarecrow trail or just fancy a walk then have a look at these gardens as you pass by. One of them will be the winner and will receive their prize on Monday 17th July at 7pm at the Cellar House. You are welcome to join us for the presentations.