A million trees for Norfolk

EVRA are supporting the Norfolk County Council scheme to plant a million trees across the County over 5 years. Trees are good for the environment and wildlife and can enhance your garden.

Many residents might only require one or two trees, but the trees available from the Council are in bundles of 10 or 20 for hedging. EVRA are prepared to take individual orders and aggregate these across the Village so that complete bundles can be ordered. We would then collect the trees from the Council for you to pick up locally. EVRA would require firm orders from residents beforehand.

Trees will be supplied as whips around 40 to 60 cm high and can reach 5 to 15 metres in height when fully grown. Thought needs to be given to siting of trees so it would be useful to read the advice on the County Council website beforehand (see link on EVRA website).

You can read more about this and how to order your trees on the EVRA website under the Greening Eaton heading at: https://eatonvillage.co.uk/…/a-million-trees-for-norfolk/