Proposed Consultation on 20mph Zone for Eaton

The Norwich Highways Agency Committee (NHAC) approved on Thursday a consultation on the introduction of 20mph speed limits in Eaton and other areas. The consultation will start in late Spring and we expect that all households on the proposed routes will receive the consultation documents.

You can read here the papers presented to NHAC: NHAC 20mph proposed consultation for Eaton March 2018

The consultation will include the possible implementation of speed control measures such as speed cushions or flashing signs. We will find out more about this when the consultation starts.

EVRA has been trying to set up a Speedwatch Group for Eaton Village for some months and has had some difficulty getting this off the ground. The implementation of a 20mph Zone may supersede the need for this depending on what sort of traffic calming measures are adopted. The roads where speeding is a problem are the lower end of Greenways and Church Lane and these are the two areas the NHAC papers identify as possibly needing some controls. It is generally difficult to exceed speed limits on all other roads in the Village because they are too narrow and twisty or because of parked cars parked.

Chris stebbing – 25 March 2018