Setting Policing Priorities For Eaton 2018/19 – Consultation

We have received the message below from our Police Engagement Officer requesting suggestions for policing priorities for Norwich South for the coming year. They ask for issues that are specific and relevant to policing so I guess that our conerns about parking and traffic around the school (submitted in previous years) are not the sort of thing they are after – although these are important to our community and the police occasionally visit to keep an eye on things!
We are fortunate to live in a low crime area but you may have specific concerns within Eaton or the wider policing area that you think should be addressed.
You can read the Monthly Policing Newsletters and crime statistics for Eaton on the EVRA website at:
Please send your thoughts to Adam Binns by 13th April by email to:
You can also share your concerns with EVRA. We would be interested in hearing about any issues or conerns and these can be sent to me via email to:
Chris Stebbing

Message from Adam Binns -Hello all

It is that time again when Norwich South (Lakenham, Town Close, Nelson and Eaton) team will set the new policing priority for this period. Please can you give me your thoughts and those of your residents with issues affecting the community. All I ask is that the issues raised are specific and have a relevance to policing. I need these suggestions via email by 13/04/18 so that the local commander can assess and then we will put a selection to the public vote through social media. We base our selections on policing relevance and threat, risk and harm.

Thank you in advance

Engagement Officer – Norwich District & Federation Representative
Norfolk Constabulary
(based at Bethel Street Police Station)