Talk on Arminghall Henge – 15th March

Come along to Eaton Vale Activity Centre on Wednesday 15th March and listen to Dr. Andrew Hutcheson who led last summer’s archaeological dig at the site of Arminghall Henge.

If you travel along White Horse Lane towards Trowse you can’t miss the electricity sub station and pylons in the background.

If you had been walking in this area 4-5,000 years ago Arminghall Henge would have stood out probably even more than the sub station. The outer ditch was 81 metres in diameter and the posts, which were about a metre in diameter, would have been up to 10M tall – 2 to 2.5 metres sunk into the ground. So it was only slightly smaller than Stonehenge.

The site is surrounded by ditches and barrows that make this one of the densest collections of late Neolithic early Bronze Age monuments in eastern England and one of the most important prehistoric discoveries in Norfolk.

We know there were people living on Eaton Heath –the high ground roughly from the Ipswich road side of the golf course to the playground -at this time and Arminghall would have been about a mile away so it is likely they would have travelled to the Henge, maybe helped with its construction.

The Henge was made of wood and could have rotted away thousands of years ago -although there is evidence that it was disassembled. So how do we know it existed?

When – Wednesday 15th March at 7.00pm.

Where EATON VALE ACTIVITY CENTREChurch Lane, Eaton, NR4 6NN (down the lane at the junction with Marston Lane that leads to the railway crossing)

The talk starts at 7.00pm but doors open from 6.15pm. Places are limited so please book – the booking fee is £2.50 adults and £1.50 for under 18’s. Tea, coffee or fruit juice plus biscuits will be available and are included in the fee.

You can Book your tickets here or contact Vic at:

Parking is limited so, if you can, would you please walk down to Eaton Vale.