Voter ID – New rules introduced

You may be aware that the government has introduced new rules that require everyone to have photo ID when voting in elections. This change will apply from the upcoming local elections on 4th May. The City Council is very keen to make sure that people who are registered to vote can do so at the upcoming elections and have requested community groups such as EVRA to spread the word through their organisation and networks.

Being able to vote is central to residents being able to participate and exercise their voice within their community. Whilst most people have some form of photo ID, there remains a significant portion of people in the country, and in Norwich, without it. Those without an accepted form of photo ID will need to apply for a voter authority certificate to allow them to vote. The link below provides a list of acceptable forms of Photo ID and information on how to apply for a Voter Authority Certificate.

Further information on the changes can be found on the Council’s website at: Voter ID | Voter ID | Norwich City Council.

Postal votes are not impacted by this change.

For those who work with individuals and / or would like more guidance on how people can apply for a voter authority certificate, our elections team will be hosting a short webinar on Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 22nd February at 11:30am to go through this process and answer any questions. You don’t need to book for this webinar and the link is here: Click here to join the meeting.